Clewiston ADT Gives Back & Celebrates Big!

clewiston-xmas clewiston-xmas2

Recently, Matt Damon put pen to paper and wrote an article for Parade Magazine on the importance of giving back. In it, he urged readers to, “Please find out what you can do to make a difference. Take five minutes to educate yourself on an issue you didn’t know about before. Then tell somebody else. Or make a small donation, if you can. Every dollar counts. Charitable foundations would rather have a million people donate $1 each than have a handful of people write big checks, because that means millions of us are getting involved. If you give $5 and talk to your neighbor about giving $5, that’s a big deal. If that conversation goes on across the country, we’ll really start moving some mountains.”

The individuals who receive services at the Clewiston ADT did more than just respond to the “Give Back Challenge”, they exceeded expectations! Throughout the year, these dedicated residents of Clewiston routinely collect school supplies, food and other items for their under-served neighbors. This year, the ADT attendees used the holiday season as an opportunity to take their commitment to giving back to the “next level.” Individuals from the Clewiston ADT collected food, created Christmas feast food baskets, personally delivered the baskets, had a gift exchange and then, finally celebrated the season of giving in style. It has been an amazing week at the Clewiston ADT and they have the photos to prove it!